Square Portfolio is designed and run by Lisa Dahl, a visual artist who works in painting, photography and video. In addition to her own artwork, Lisa has been doing graphic design for almost two decades and ventured into website design out of her own need to have a site.

Square Portfolio is Lisa's effort to create a flexible template specifically geared towards the needs of artists. She worked to create a design that plays to the strengths of the internet as a place for artists to make their work easily viewable, while also trying to avoid some of the limitations of the online interface. With all the great but often under-recognized artists out there, she looks forward to trying to help make it a little easier for the world to see some impressive artwork online.

Lisa is also available for other design projects and digital imaging needs. She has worked on everything from postcards and business cards, to brochures and annual reports. If you like the look of the Square Portfolio design, feel free to contact her with a project inquiry. She is quite partial to unusual projects where design and art overlap.

Click here to visit Lisa Dahl's personal website.